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We enable brands to sell a connected experience.

In a connected world, brands need to identify use cases, communicate compelling benefits, provide optimal support and work together in order to meet customer demand.

Connect your brand


Why Olisto will work for you

Data insights

Get direct insights of how your customers use your product and how they connect it to other products and services. Create more value with data-driven decisions.

Satisfied customers

Creating extra value for your customers by adding additional functionality to your service, products or app, thereby creating the best experience for your consumers and reducing your backlog.

Costs savings

Save considerably on development costs and can solve part of that ‘impossible roadmap’ problem that most product managers encounter.

New partnerships

Try new combinations and partnerships through quick prototyping and test the market.

Our products

Integrate our technology in your own app using our Olisto Integrations product portfolio.
Or use Olisto Link to add your brand to our platform and award-winning Olisto app.


Olisto Integrations

Unified Controls
One set of controls for all smart devices within your app, such as Thermostats, Connected Lights and Security systems
When-Then Rules
Let products and services work together within your app using our rule engine.
Smart Notifications
Send relevant and targeted notifications to your customers.
Voice Integration
Google and Amazon Alexa voice commands for your products.

Olisto Link

Your connection to our platform
Allow your customers to benefit from all smart connections already available on the Olisto platform.
  • Olisto is all about connecting, whether it is the one digital puzzle piece to another, or the one device to another, or the one company to another!
    Commercial director - 50five
  • For this specific campaign we wanted to create the ultimate world soccer cup experience for our Hue users in Belgium. Being connected to the Olisto platform means being connected to a world of smart connections. Olisto created a smart bundle which made Hue-lights react to events of the match. Without any extra development on our side, we could provide our Hue users the best soccer experience!
    Brand manager Philips Hue
  • Olisto offers KlikAanKlikUit extra possibilities to connect our ICS-2000 users to 3rd services and platforms of 3rd parties. This makes our compatibility optimal.
    Product Manager Smart Home, KlikAanKlikUit
  • Automatic music, heating, even emails, just by walking into a room. Crownstone goes way beyond automatic lighting with Olisto!
    CEO Crownstone
  • Olisto's API integration gives us an incredible reduction on development costs.
    CEO Woonveilig
  • 5
    Because Home Connect is available in 32 countries, the multiple languages in the Olisto app are very important to us.
    Head of Digital Marketing, BSH Home Connect